Blogging with kanban

I've always been someone who has found the concept of blogging a very difficult one, one of the greatest challenges I've always found was coming up with topics that would be interesting enough on the fly which is why I've started using a tool renown for its success in the developer world a kanban board!


With this method, I can brainstorm blog ideas and have them all saved ready to be written up but it doesn't just give me a list of topics to write about it also gives me a system to follow when creating blogs with a backlog and list of completed blogs to reference future idea's against and maybe I half half-written blogs that I need to get back to this system is very prominent at reminding me to get the job done.


Canvas Slots Game

A slot machine game that can easily be played on the browser, I built this game as I'm very interested in game development and I thought this would be a good starting place to explore that concept.
The game was created using javascript by using Phaser which is a desktop and mobile HTML5 game framework, I created a reel of images and used a random math function to select the eventual image it would land on.

The main reason I built the game was based around a mechanic in the bottom corner which is a western revolver that gains bullets which are nudges you would normally get in a typical fruit machine.

Creating the game was definitely a challenge the main battle was learning phaser itself as there was a lot of in-built functions to do all kinds of amazing things which I'm still currently browsing through!

The game itself was a bit of a head-scratcher as I wasn't sure if I wanted to create a traditional fruit machine with set outcomes, I ended up going with something that was heavily random but this allowed me to build some more interesting mechanics but I would still like to do the latter as I think it would be an interesting challenge to make a set routine for the reels.



Version Control

Through my journey to become a web developer one of the biggest tools I have encountered would be version control and for good reason.
Version control is a very powerful tool which allows the user to backtrack trough their code to an older version with user-created checkpoints.
I have mostly encountered this through the terminal using git commands to easily push or pull work remotely to my local machine but lately, I've also been checking out some version control software which is used prominently in my new job called Sourcetree.


This has a large advantage over the terminal as you will get a visual representation of your timeline which makes it a lot easier as a developer to navigate versions in order to crush any bugs that might occur.
Since learning about git I've built a good portfolio of my work which can be found at



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